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About Areola Tattoo

Who We Are

Areola Tattoo Canada was founded in 2010 by Dorothy Kizoff, Canadian Master Medical Cosmetic Tattoo Artisan.

For over 20 years, Dorothy has worked closely with the medical community in Toronto and across Canada to bring new possibilities for the para-medical application of cosmetic tattooing.

She has established an excellent working relationship with over 75 plastic surgeons, dermatologists, 5 major hospitals and others in the medical community who regularly refer their patients.

Permanent Tattooing of Areola

Dorothy has performed numerous areola tattoo repigmentation procedures for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery. Based on Dorothy's experience as a highly respected cosmetic tattooist, she recognized that many women could not travel to see her and have their areola or areolae professionally tattooed.

As well many women are neither aware nor can find an ‘expert’ to perform the procedure.  Based on this need, she invented and designed temporary, removable areola tattoos.  

Temporary Areola Tattoos – training tool

Students and technicians of medical cosmetic tattooing use the Temporary Areola Tattoo to practice 3 dimensional artwork and application during micropigmentation. Some technicians feel that it is an advantage to give the temporary areola tattoo to potential clients who are unsure about having cosmetic tattooing as a permanent solution. By wearing the temporary tattoo areola the client has the opportunity to experience how they will look it prior to the actual cosmetic tattooing.

Research, Focus Groups, and Survey Feedback

Dorothy has worked with many of her own clients to test prototypes to refine the designs in shape and color, resulting in four styles now available for purchase in light-, medium- and dark-skin tones, and the “donut”. The donut style is used when a surgeon has created a “nub” to simulate a nipple.

We are grateful to the numerous women who participated in our focus groups who have had mastectomy surgery and to those who also had reconstructive surgery. These women told us about the colors, shapes and designs that best suited them.

One woman who had nipple shaping but did not have areola pigmentation came up with the idea for the “donut” areola tattoo style (which is an areola without the nipple). For women who have had a “nub” created by their surgeon, to simulate a nipple, this is the ideal solution.

Breast Cancer Survivors, like you, have been involved throughout the entire design process. We listened and appreciated your input, and we continue to ask for more feedback. If you have a question or comment, please click here.

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"Emotional Insights from Breast Reconstruction Patients"
Based on feedback from patients in focus groups and clients who have worn an Areola Tattoo.
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“I like the idea because it distracts from the scarring from surgery. The illusion of having an areola and nipple makes me feel almost normal again when I look in the mirror.”

Susan, Toronto, Canada

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted permanent tattooing or not. The temporary tattoo was a test for me and I was pleasantly surprised to see how it made me feel.”

Helen, Dallas TX, U.S.A.

“I know that I will never be whole again. I recognize that but this is a great help to improve my inner self confidence.”

Ramona, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.

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