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Frequently Asked Questions by Cosmetic Medical Tattoo Artisans

   The following are the most frequently asked by professional and
   experienced Cosmetic  Medical Tattoo Artisans, instructors and
   teachers,  and students and apprentices to those who are about
   removable, temporary areola tattoos.

   If you do not find the answer to your question, please send us
   an email to inquiries@areolattattoo.ca

Q1: If I were to sell or give away free tattoos samples would it not discourage clients from getting a permanent tattoo?

A1: No. Cosmetic Medical Tattoo Artisans have told us that they feel it is an advantage to give the temporary areola tattoo to potential clients who are unsure about having a permanent solution.

It gives your client the chance to experience it prior to the actual final application of color.

Q2: What areola tattoo shades are available?

A2: Through our research with patients we have learned that frequently women who have had a radical mastectomy cannot remember the color of their areola! And if  they have taken a picture of the breast before it was removed, it is often difficult to determine the color due to the quality of pictures and digital images.

Some Cosmetic Medical Tattoo Artisans do few areola procedures in a year and a little difficulty determining the correct color of the ‘reconstructed breast” for the client’s skin tone.  We offer three skin tone colors – light, medium, and dark.

areola light            areola medium             areola dark

                              Light                                   Medium                                   Dark

  • If your client’s hair and skin tones are fair, blond or gray, select the light tone.
  • If your client’s hair and skin tones are light or medium, light brown, brown or auburn, select the medium shade.
  • If your client’s hair and skin tones are dark, dark brown or black, select the dark shade

Q3: As a teacher how could a Temporary Areola Tattoo help my students?

A3: The Areola Tattoos are a great tool to help students learn about size, positioning, and color.

Your students can use the Temporary Areola Tattoo to practice 3 dimensional artwork. As well, they can use them application during micropigmentation.

Q4: How can students and apprentices use the Temporary Areola Tattoo?

A4: It is a great way to practice your technique and learn 3 dimensional artwork. As well,  you can apply it on your client’s reconstructed breast for the repigmentation procedure.

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“I like the idea because it distracts from the scarring from surgery. The illusion of having an areola and nipple makes me feel almost normal again when I look in the mirror.”

Susan, Toronto, Canada

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted permanent tattooing or not. The temporary tattoo was a test for me and I was pleasantly surprised to see how it made me feel.”

Helen, Dallas TX, U.S.A.

“I know that I will never be whole again. I recognize that but this is a great help to improve my inner self confidence.”

Ramona, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.

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