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Frequently Asked Questions: How to apply and remove

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Q1: What are Temporary Areola Tattoos (TAT) made of and how do you apply them?

A1: The TAT is a simple transfer (like the ones you may have got when you purchased a bubble gum package as a child).

They look like a normal areola and are applied directly to clean skin. They adhere to the skin and are transferred by water.

You can either mark the position of the nipple on your skin with a light eyebrow pencil OR estimate the area where you would like to apply it.

Areola Tatoo Positioning

NOTE: detailed instructions are included in every package.

Q2: How to I apply or wear them?

A2: There are 5 easy steps to apply the tattoo
1. Cut out tattoo                                                                 
2. Cleanse area, let dry
3. Take off clear plastic cover sheet
4. Position tattoo on breast and hold
5. Wet backing, hold for 30 seconds and remove

Detailed instructions are included in your order.

before Position paper, wet, and hold Remove paper
Position paper, wet, and hold
Remove paper

Q3: How wet do I need to make the backing before it slides off?

A3: You should wet it liberally using a square cotton gauze, cotton ball or spray water bottle. The tattoo backing needs a good soaking to penetrate through to the transfer and onto the skin. This also helps eliminate the light adhesive that can sometimes show around the edges of the product which may make them look shiny.

They have an adhesive similar to that of an everyday (Band-Aid) bandage which when pressed against the skin affixes the TAT to the skin.

There is a light paper backing which then needs to be moistened with water which will slip off after about 1 minute. The TAT is then in place.

Q4: Do you have any tips to make them last longer?

A4: It is recommended that no alcohol or oily products like body lotion or baby oil be used topically on the TAT as these products will breakdown the adhesive and cause the product to deteriorate more quickly.

Clothing that rubs against the product may wear it down faster.

The tattoo lasts longer when you gently wash tattoo area with non-oil based soap and avoid spraying directly with water (in the shower you can stand with your back to the shower head.)

How to remove

Q1: How are TAT removed?

A1: Areola Temporary Tattoos were designed be temporary and removable. Therefore they are quite easy to remove, however they typically last from three to five days (and sometimes up to 7 days) depending on your activities and how oily your skin is.

They can be removed with acetone or alcohol (both of which may be rather harsh for the skin) or an oil-based products such as baby oil, facial cleaners, or a cosmetic makeup remover.

Gently rub the area in a circular motion until all the glue is dissolved. The area may appear a little “pink” or irritated but will come back to normal after approximately an hour.

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“I like the idea because it distracts from the scarring from surgery. The illusion of having an areola and nipple makes me feel almost normal again when I look in the mirror.”

Susan, Toronto, Canada

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted permanent tattooing or not. The temporary tattoo was a test for me and I was pleasantly surprised to see how it made me feel.”

Helen, Dallas TX, U.S.A.

“I know that I will never be whole again. I recognize that but this is a great help to improve my inner self confidence.”

Ramona, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.

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