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Survey *
1) Do you have a nipple?
Other Comments:
2) Would you wear this Areola Temporary Tattoo?
Other Comments:
3) Does it look like a real areola on the paper?
Other Comments:
4) When would you "wear" it?
(select all that apply)
Intimate Moments With T-Shirt Dressing Up/Special Occasions
Gym/Swimming/Sporting Activities (including communal showers)
Other Comments:
5) You can wear this temporary Areola Tattoo after a mastectomy and before reconstruction. Would you want to?
Other Comments:
6) How would having an areola again make you feel? (select all that apply):

Increased Self-Confidence Look Better Feel More “Normal”
Improved Appearance (when you look in the mirror)

Other Comments:
7) Do you feel your partner would think your breast(s) look more “normal”?
If other, please specify:
8) When you told your partner about the areola tattoo what was his/her reaction? (select all that apply)
Other Comments:
9) Did you experience eyebrow hair loss during your chemotherapy treatment?
Other Comments:
If you have tried  ‘wearing’ the areola tattoo prototype, please answer the following:
10) Does it look "real" when you wear it?
Other Comments:
11) Were the application instructions helpful?
Suggested Revisions:
12) Approximately how long did it take you to apply the first areola tattoo?
If other, please specify:
13) If you applied the second tattoo how many minutes did it to do it?
If other, please specify:
14) How many days did your tattoo last? (Tips: Areola Tattoo lasts longer when gently washed with non-oil
                                                                             based soap AND turn your back to the water faucet/source.)
If longer, please specify:
15) What was your partner's reaction to your appearance?
(select all that apply)
Good Fantastic No Difference Appearance is more sexually attractive to him/her
Thinks you feel better/have more confidence Other
If other, please specify:
16) What were your partner's feelings about you wearing the areola temporary tattoo?
(select all that apply)

Good Fantastic No Difference Appearance is more sexually attractive to him/her
Thinks you feel better/have more confidence Other

If other, please specify:
17) Would you recommend the areola tattoo prototype to a friend?
If other, please specify:
Do you have any questions?
Do you have any additional comments about the areola tattoo?
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